Carbon emission in football games Footprint impact of power five conference realignment

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Jiayi Hong
Sia Sheguri
Ronald G. Askin
Ross Maciejewski


Abstract: The environmental impact of carbon dioxide emissions arising from travel has emerged as a significant concern. Notably, the recent frequent realignments within the Power Five conferences have led to substantial fluctuations in the annual carbon footprint of football games played between member teams. In this comprehensive study, we collected and analysed conference data spanning the previous decade, as well as forthcoming schedules (wherever available), to evaluate shifts in this carbon emissions footprint. Our findings underscore the potential environmental ramifications of the impending realignment, commencing in 2024, revealing the possibility of an almost twofold increase in carbon emissions.

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Hong, J., Sheguri, S., Askin, R. G., & Maciejewski, R. (2024). Carbon emission in football games: Footprint impact of power five conference realignment. Sustainability and Sports Science Journal, 2(2), 98–106.
Environment, physical activity and sustainability


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